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Image by Samuel Toh

Contextual Science for Tropical Coastal Ecosystems

Our Research

Our team addresses the critical issues relevant to coastal ecosystems, from mangrove-lined tropical estuaries and coastal wetlands, to near-shore ecosystems and transitional  habitats that provide critical nursery ground habitats to fish.

Using cutting-edge technology we aim to provide reliable knowledge to management groups who protect and maintain our valuable marine and coastal assets. 

A.I. solutions to streamline underwater video

Technology lets us quickly acquire and evaluate high volumes of data that can help answer critical questions.

Functional Relationships and ecosystem value

Remote Vehicle ecosystem assessment

Drone survey assessment (animal identification, habitat mapping, and behavioural analysis)

Global-scale, satellite-based ecosystem mapping


Coastal Wetlands

Nursery Grounds

Near-shore ecosystems

Coastal rivers

Science-Integrated Coastal Management

We pride ourselves on championing critical thinking in environmental decision-making by:

  • Understanding data, converting data to knowledge and using advanced analytics and visualisations to support decisions.

  • Validating and verifying key information that underpins decision-making.

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